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Circle: BraBusterSystem
Release: Nov/02/2017
File Format: EXE
Genre: Breasts, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Anime, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Reverse Rape
File Size: 871.11MB

* All erotic scenes are animated!
Ejaculation anime with even more vigor than ever before!
After Effects used to create morhping anime but the
ejaculation scenes are hand-drawn with over 500 frames!
Enjoy the volume of content and the quality of cumminggg!

* Quick Fap mode implemented!
Just like our Choco * Nuki! series you can USE
the contents of this game for a Quick Fap!
Zooming features, playback modes, easy controls,
switch between scenes and ejaculation with the keyboard.
Select icons with the mouse… nice and simple!
You don’t have to clear scenario mode to view the contents.
It is available 100% unlocked right from the beginning.

* The secret R&D story of a mysterious erection inducing virus!
The first release of a series based off a puzzle game we previously made.

* 1280×720 Screen Resolution!

* 26 scenes of Erotic Animation + 13 event CG!

* Fully Voiced! Voice Acting: Shizuri Ibuki

All download on this site are torrent magnet. You need any bittorrent program to make it work.
Don’t forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.
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Victor Mora

Just one word: Perfection!

Thanks alot.