[SLG] Touching Flash – In the House of Little Devil Alice ver.2.2 + ABNORMAL Expansion Pack (JP)

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おさわりフラッシュ ~小悪魔アリスの家~

Circle: BouSoft
Release: Sep/06/2012 – Dec/02/2012
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Anime, Naughty/Lewd, Loli, Younger Sister, Voluptuous/Plump
File Size: 744MB

Enjoy various hentai situations with koakuma daughter Alice.
We pored over each image conscious of the degree of freedom for groping.
Have a feel!

– Molest Alice into different mental states, which changes modes. Drugs can also change modes.
– Fellatio, breast sex, footjob, face sitting, and of course vaginal and anal sex penetration play!
– Ejaculate on demand! You decide when and how to orgasm. Will you bukkake or creampie inside?
– After sex you can can shop for new items and unlock hidden techniques.
– Doll Alice up or strip her nude, or leave her half-dressed.
– 320 minutes (over 5 hours!) of voiced content.
– Maniac toys and spanking features are also included.
– Stimulate her with your hands, mouth, vibrator, adult toy, aphrodisiac and other methods!
– Every sort of penetration possible, including urethra plug, with bukkake and creampie options
– Four (4x) levels of zoom, interactive cross-section view
– Four (4:00:00) hours of incredible voice acting!


Take Alice to new depths of depravity with this add-on DLC
for the popular X-rated sim game by circle Bou Soft.

New content includes…
Nipple f*ck / urethra f*ck / penetrative vibrator in piss hole and tits / intercourse / more
Lots of maniac contents only possible in hentai 2D – please enjoy.
New modes: tsundere / aherari
Complete with a whole lot of new audio

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this game is hard


This is not abnormal expansion pack. If u want it – go to ulmf thread of this game 3d page. There a mega link for main game and expansion. Pls update this post.


Is there any way to turn down the music?


Can anyone seed or give me the download to this, thanks