[3D Hentai] 3DCG POV movie 1: cowgirl with dildo in classroom

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3DCG主観動画1 ディルド騎乗位編 in 教室

Circle: M-design
Release: Nov/15/2017
File Format: MP4
Genre: School/Academy, Vanilla Sex, Toys, Foreign Objects, Girl, No Pubic Hair
File Size: 3GB

Thanks TheMaster9Er for sharing the file.

A girl interested in sexual stuff is frustrated in her uneventful days.
She regularly goes to school without wearing panties and tempts
classmate boys for a thrill, but recently her acts even more
escalated as she sexually plays with men in the classroom.

After students went home, she shows off her sexcellent waist-shaking
techniques in the cowgirl style play with a dildo…
This is the first movie work by our circle!!
It took a year in the development!!
All scenes are from the “Point of View Shot”.

* The length of the main movie is 35 minutes, comes with two climaxes.
10x looping movies are derived from the main movie for loop playing.
10x short looping movies have three variations of skin: normal, with scribbles and whipped.

* The image collection:
16 from the main story
137 for the situation image (Unused cut scenes)
Variations of skin: normal, with scribbles and whipped
459 images total

* Please check out the sample movie! *

* About Movies:
800×640 resolution
MP4 file format

– Main movie:
all_play [35:19]

– Looping movies (from the main movie)

repeat_scene_01 [4:26]
repeat_scene_02 [2:01]
repeat_scene_03 [1:43]
repeat_scene_04 [1:36]
repeat_scene_05 [1:41]
repeat_scene_06 [2:36]
repeat_scene_07 [2:48]
repeat_scene_08 [3:16]
repeat_scene_09 [4:10]
repeat_scene_10 [4:42]

– Short looping movies: (Variations of skin: normal, with scribbles (rakugaki) and whipped (muchi))
short_repeat01 [1:02]
short_repeat02 [1:00]
short_repeat03 [1:09]
short_repeat04 [1:14]
short_repeat05 [1:03]
short_repeat06 [1:04]
short_repeat07 [1:01]
short_repeat08 [1:02]
short_repeat09 [1:07]
short_repeat10 [1:04]

– Image Set (PNG / 1200×960 / Variations of skin: normal, with scribbles (_r) and whipped (_m))
01.main movie (from the main movie) (16 x 3 types = 48)
02.classroom1 (32 x 3 types = 96)
03.classroom2 (22 x 3 types = 66)
04.toilet (43 x 3 types = 129)
05.train (5 x 3 types = 15)
06.nightbar (12 x 3 types =36)
07.myroom (3 x 3 types = 9)
08.japanese-style_room (5 x 3 types = 15)
09.fashiio_test (15 x 3 types = 45)

459 images total

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