[ACT] Crisis Point: Extinction ver.0.37 [English-Uncen]

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Developer: Anon42
Release: 2019-07-23
Work Format: Action
Genre: Side-scroller, Soldier, Erotic adventure, Animated, Breast expansion, All sex, Combat, Female protagonist, Shooter, Sci-fi
File Size: 118MB

Crisis Point: Extinction is a lewd platformer Metroidvania game in which you play as headstrong military soldier Alicia (pictured above) as she explores a mysterious alien planet.

Set in the not-too-distant future, mankind has finally discovered the secrets to long-distance space travel and, in their haste to explore the stars, are infected with a virus that alters the Y chromosome in developing infants, causing all children to be born female.

As Alicia, you must outwit, outshoot, and outlast the various creatures lurking on and below the planet’s surface as she locates survivors and explores deep caves, ancient ruins, alien jungles, and more, all while searching for a cure to save humanity.​

v0.37 & v0.37.1
-Fixed a common crash involving slimes and ceiling ramps
-Fixed music not transitioning properly from Catacombs to Deep Soil, or vice versa, from the new save point
-Added a small delay before some enemies become active after entering a room, to give the player time to react if an enemy is right in front of them
-Fixed the small pit near the Flare Shot in the Catacombs being too large for the player to escape if they don’t have the Kilogrip upgrade
-Fixed a bug that caused a softlock if the player touches a Cumshooter enemy while in BE state
-Added in new enemy, Torguis, to the Catacombs (doesn’t have H-scenes yet)
-Create more areas to explore in the Catacombs and Deep Soil
-Finish adding mouse support to all parts of the menu
-Reworked save system to fix the issue where you cannot transfer saves between computers (NOTE: unlike previously expected, this change will NOT invalidate previous saves! Just load your save in, then save the game again, and your save will be automatically updated to the new system)
-Rework some level designs in the Catacombs to allow the player to explore it without Omnidash and Kilogrip abilities, then move Omnidash to further in the game (Omnidash is currently only available at the very end of the demo, and is not saved or loaded to your save file. If you previously got the Omnidash in the previous update, you will NOT have it when loading your save now.)
-Add voice acting for the new NPC from v0.36
-Added/tweaked various visuals, such as reworking dynamic water visuals to both look better and be more optimized
-Fix more bugs and minor issues

-Completely reworked the ENTIRE Deep Soil from the ground up, with new puzzles, less annoying level design, and new tileset artwork
-Added 4 new conversations into the Deep Soil
-Finished the Bestiary section of the menus, with descriptions for every enemy that unlock when you capture them (note: doesn’t include Poison Alraune or the bosses yet)
-Implemented Warped Soldier enemy recolors (other recolored enemies coming in the future)
-Added Poison Alraune enemy into the Deep Soil (note: currently has no H-scenes or CG, will get unique scenes added in the future)
-Implemented Warped Scientist and Alraune CG reworks by Kuso
-Added Lurker BE H-scene (climax animation not complete, but loop is)
-Fixed numerous bugs and issues (will be listed at the bottom of the post)

-Fixed not being able to cancel out of New Game Difficulty Selection when using a gamepad
-Fixed certain menu issues (especially on the main menu) when Menu Confirm key was bound to Enter
-Dashing while ledge grabbing will no longer always play the default sound, even if the dash attack upgrade that changes the sound is unlocked
-Added the Melee Attack key to the tutorial prompts when the game starts
-Updated graphic for Wire Shot Pillars in the Summit
-Added new audio options for CG voices so that gameplay cutscenes and CGs are different audio types, and split CG voices into Male/Female options
-Charge Shot upgrade text is no longer incorrectly displaying the Rapid Shot text instead
-Increased height of the Alraune’s hitbox, so bullets won’t miss her if they touch her face anymore
-Fixed softlock in Summit where the player can jump over the pit containing the Wire Shot, and end up in a spot where they need Wire Shot to get out but haven’t obtained it
-Redesigned the Warped Sentry’s shield to have better visual interest, to prepare for better recolors
-Updated facial animations for both Alicia and the Warped Soldier in the Warped Soldier H-scenes, both normal and BE
-Fixed bug where the player could push the first Warped Soldier enemy encountered in the camp by using the Melee attack, which could cause the following cutscene to act strangely
-Raised volume of Skill Unlock sound effect
-Fixed bug where gamepad couldn’t skip the disclaimer and gamepad text when the game is started

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I got a news that Anon release version 0.39