[3D Hentai] A Handsome Detective Boy Made into a Living Dakimakura -1- Shipping [Engsub]

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美少年探偵気取ってたら捕まって、男の娘に改造され、[肉]抱き枕で売買されちゃいましたぁ -1- 出荷編

Circle: MiMiA Cute
Release: Oct/20/2018
File Format: WMV
Genre: Peeing Oneself, Blowjob/Fellatio, Sexual Training, Shota, Otoko no ko
File Size: 1.32GB

* An adult’s brain in a boy’s body, Detective Rui’s here!

A super cocky beautiful boy Rui-kun who self-claims to be a detective
tries to sneak into a certain evil institution’s hideout.

He’s soon caught and sold as a dakimakura (body pillow).
Later he wakes up in a hotel room and finds an ugly guy ogling at him.

Not knowing where he is, he is going to be trained into a living dakimakura.

* All scenes are voiced

* Living dakimakura, humiliation, blowjob, pissing, ejaculation, anal teasing,
physical restraint, sexual discipline, onahole, bukkake, sixty-nine

* 3x bonus looping animations are included

* Also includes a demo audio of a binaural voice drama of the epilogue story

CV: Narumi Aisaka

[Highly sexual special 3D models blend of realism and anime styles.]

[310+ cutscenes in total]

[30+ minutes of length]

[HD definition (half 720)

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is this not a game ? in dlsite!?