[VN] Violated Hero III – My Too Sensitive Cock ver.RC2 [English]

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Circle: dieselmine
Release: Jul/19/2013
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Lots of White Cream/Juices, Fantasy, Hand Job, Foot Job, Reverse Rape, Youkai
File Size: 3.48GB

Violated Hero
Violated Hero II

*Japanese system locale or Locale Emulator is needed

* Concept
Face terror in the form of monster girls to purify the world!
And get counterattack and reverse-r*ped. Your sensitive dick becomes their play thing. Footjob, rubbing with tentacles, girls on top, etc… Your sperm is sucked to the last drop!

40 event CGs!
Tons of content crammed into this 3rd volume of the popular Violated Hero series!

* Story
The Empress suddenly assigned you to put down the strong monster, Kyubi (fox of the nine tails). Being a fresh exorcist, you tries hard to meet the expectation; however, dreadful yet sensual monster girls take advantage of your lack of experience and assault you sexually without a break!
Can you defeat the powerful monsters to save the world? Or your mission fails and you go to the heaven in ecstasy?

* Situations
Incredibly beautiful Kyobi’s footjob
Sultry and mysterious Nurarihyon’s handjob
Semen-milking squeeze of a plant-girl
Nurikabe’s anal assault
Semen-milking by worm princess’s tentacles
Daidarabocchi’s blowjob
Little fairies’ pleasure hell
Snow woman’s freezing semen-sucking
Semen-milking squeeze while entwined by Mizuchi’s tail
… and more

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