[ACT] Super Mamono Sisters ver.1.04 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Shimofumi-ya
Release: Oct/13/2019
OS: Windows, Mac
Work Format: Action
Genre: No Reverse, Dot/Pixel, Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man, Nonhuman/Monster Girl
File Size: 100 MB

One day, the Queen of Succubi awakened after a long sleep. Her powerful sexual energies transformed all the local village girls, cats, and monsters into succubi themselves…

“I’ve decided to have you for dinner. Come to my castle. Along the way, however, you’ll be tempted by all sorts of monsters… try not to die before you arrive, alright?”

And so the boy sets out, tiny sword in hand, in pursuit of the succubus.
Was that determination in his eyes? Or was he under her spell…?

[Simply Thrilling Action!]
This is a 2D side-scrolling action game with intuitive controls.
Predict the enemy’s movements, dodge, and make your counterattack!

[Monster girls block your path!]
Enemies will use “Seduction” and “Capture” attacks to try and have their way with you!
From kissing and footjobs to titjobs and cowgirl sex, these lusty ladies use everything they’ve got to make you theirs! And of course, you won’t be able to turn the tide in your favor! If your stamina runs out, a defeat scene will play…

– Travel through stages and defeat the boss to progress!
– Use precise evasion to slow down everyone but you! Strike while they’re weak for MASSIVE damage.
– If you get caught by a monster girl, you’ll get cumsqueezed in pixelated style!
– Lots of features like easy mode, self-destruct, and a retry button make the sexy bits super easy to see!
– Return home for mini-events featuring the monster girls you’ve encountered!

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One of my favorites. It’s got really varied animations, and this game made me discover a new fetish I didn’t know I had! Damn that mermaid.




would love your thoughts wow


Really good game, simple but yet wonderful.





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