[RPG] Sugoroku SEX: The Dice Game [English-Uncen]

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Circle: saboten
Release: Japanese 2013-08-05, English 2019-11-05
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Pregnancy/Impregnation, Childbirth, Naughty/Lewd, Outdoor Exposure, Orgy Sex, Big Breasts
File Size: 410.11MB

You need to change system locale to Japanese or use Locale Emulator.
Extract and start the game with game.exe

The best boardgames
place fate on the roll of a die.
This is a boardgame RPG. No annoying battle grinds to level up. All you need is luck.
Will chance favor you? Or spiral you into despair?

In a world where Birth is Everything, roll the die of fate for Momoko!

It’s an age of depopulation.
Women are single and independent. Couples are childless. Men are herbivores. There’s a global recession.
The government abolishes the institution of marriage.
In its place is a free-for-all where anyone may do anything with anyone, if it results in pregnancy.
Anything to increase the birthrate. Every birth pays a subsidy reward: babies equal cash!
In this brave new world men are unlikely heroes of circumstance.
Women willingly or forcibly open their legs and repopulate the nation.
Get out there and f*ck!
Make babies! Get rich! Be happy!

* Have sex with anyone
Japanese gamers will know this genre well, but even if you’ve never played it before
it’s an easy system!

* Let’s get pregnant!
In this game birth is the ultimate happiness. No condoms!
Pump out babies like crazy! The more you do, the more the government pays!

* Change outfits with cards
Use cosplay cards to pop into swimwear, bunny outfit, PE shorts, nurse’s outfit…
All outfits are reflected in the ecchi scenes!

* Unhappiness manifests on the clothes
When r*ped Momoko’s clothes are torn to shreds!
Protect her happiness, or deprive her of it and increase your own? You sadist!

* Multiple endings
What will you see at the conclusion of Suguroku SEX?
The game takes place over a short week… play again and again!

* Voice included!
With optional ON/OFF settings!

– 22 event CGs!!
– Pixel ecchi as well as full artwork!!
– Loaded with cosplay variations!!

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Jeff Walker Jr.

Give error game.ini.Please help 🙁 🙁