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Lord of Hell Road ~ロード オブ ヘル ロード ~

Circle: Elithheart
Release: May/15/2016
Work Format: Action
Genre: Violation, Outdoor Sex, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Queen/Princess, Big Breasts
File Size: 153MB

* Story
Load of Hell Road (Hime no Jigoku Monogatari)
The tale of the warrior princess Beatrice Meyer Vorden

The demise of the Vorden kingdom was swift.


An army of ogres attacked the capitol. Its people were unready.

… The capitol was easily overrun.

One warrior princess fought to the bitter end.
Her name was Beatrice Meyer Vorden.
She slayed a thousand ogres on Taval Hill before they reached the castle.

It was heroic, but anyone could see…
she was hopelessly outnumbered.

Beatrice became a prisoner of war.

Thereafter, she lived…
no, to call it a life is too sweet…
she suffered in wretched tragedy.

The ogres tortured Beatrice, sapping her of all strength…

* Ecchi

Damage wrecks armor.
When Beatrice is exposed, she’s more vulnerable.
The strongest warrior is still a woman.
Every enemy has an assault scene!
Face massive monsters that ravish Beatrice.

Scenes are animated with the ability to zoom up to 5x on the screen.

* Action

Over 300 motions!
Adult content or not, this is a fully realized action game!
Great effort has been invested in the attacks and commands.
Naturally, if you’re not an action game fan, there’s a “help button”
— use this to progress quickly and pain-free.

* Multiple endings

* HP, TP upgrades (quasi-leveling up)

* Special items to make the game faster, instant assault scenes

* Complete boss screens to add scenes to the gallery

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