[VN-Puzzle] The Village Head’s Nefarious Scheme ~Superior Touch, Rich Taste of Sisters~ (JP)

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村長さんの悪だくみ ~極上のふわとろ感、姉妹丼の濃厚な味わい~

Circle: Socrates
Release: Feb/24/2018
Work Format: Novel & Puzzle
Genre: Cuckoldry (Netorare), Cuckoldry (Netori), Sexual Training, Rape, Short Hair
File Size: 4.27GB

Extract and run install.exe or just enjoy all movie files in MOVIE folder

Socrates’ first release of [Game Novel + Puzzle] product.

The file size eventually exceeds 4GB.
170+ cut scenes in over 1 hour long 3DCG movies.
Employs motion capture technology in portraying facial expressions.
Script is written with more than 60,000 textual characters, voiced by two voice actresses.
Sound effects are all lively recorded. Adapted to stereo sound playing.

Last but not least… The game is harder than any previous works. * cheat available

*** We challenge you with this game! ***

You, the village head, are a habitual criminal who have seduced village girls
since you were young. You’ve lived peacefully thanks to the social status
and cunning that enabled you to avoid troubles throughout your life.
Your next targets are cute sisters who recently moved from a big city.

“First and foremost, you must take your clothes off before starting this secret ritual.”

You call the sisters to your house and get them naked the way you usually do.
Because you are the village head they follow your instructions without doubt.
Now, your nefarious scheme is about to begin.

* Game format: Game Novel & Puzzle
This is a puzzle game where your performance disciplining the girls is scored.

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john howard

download is stuck

小齊 幹

yeah the seed is not strong