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Circle: ニンジャレッグソフト
Release: Oct/30/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Cross-section View, Dot/Pixel, Anime, Squirting/Gushing, Loli, Mature Woman/MILF
File Size: 158MB

Description – Google Translated:

※※※ In the next update, there will be more scenes and more stages will be added! ※※※

▼▼▼ I just want to see the scenes quickly!
Enter “← → ↑ ↓ ← → Cancel Magic Menu Cancel” on the title screen!
If you hear the sound, you will be successful! Now you have a flag that reaches 50 Easy! You can see all the scenes in CG MODE!

■■■ Story ■■■

In the vicinity of the country town Labyle, there were a number of labyrinths that were ruins of the ruby ​​kingdom
The main character, Roni-kun, will search for the labyrinth at the command of the master Daimage Master Irvan.
While exploring the labyrinth using the magic circle and ancient magic
I will be deeply involved in the “Lavill legend” handed down to the town and solve the mystery …
■■■ H scene ■■■
Prepare 2 to 3 scenes for each of the 5 basic characters
ド ッ ト Dot H animation that makes all scenes slimy!

Tool shop elder sister Oneshota sweet and sweet squirting
Yadoya Aunt Netori Netori Shota Attack Continuous Squirting
Earl’s daughter incest drug squirting continuous squirting
Married Loribaba Aelf Cuckold Drug Squirting Continuous Squirting
Succubus Oneshota Forbidden Crest Continuous Squirting
Others: Other H scenes scheduled to be added with version up

▼ Nostalgic retro game-style mystery solving action!
Use the magic circle and ancient spells to solve the mystery of the labyrinth and go deeper!
A powerful boss is waiting in the back of the labyrinth!

▼ Dot animation moving slimy at 60fps!
Characters and effects drawn with about 30 to 120 sheets move slimy!
Of course, all the scenes are slimy and hand-drawn.

▼ Exclusive dot animation control!
In the etch scene, you can separately control the pixel art for each object!
This expresses a naughty loop animation that changes every time even in the same scene, not a loop animation of a fixed period!

▼ Continuous climax! Squirting & sectional view!
“ The girl blows the climax & blows the tide! The cross section cramps!
Squirting and convulsions of the cross section change each time with separate control! The amount of squirting and cross section position can be changed as an option
Squirting continuous acme hell!

▼ Nostalgic retro sound!
All in-game BGM and sound effects are self-made!
さ ら に Furthermore, the process of “interrupting the BGM of the corresponding line when a sound effect sounds” that is common in retro games is reproduced!
Along with the dot picture, you can enjoy a retro game-like atmosphere

■ Tutorial and TIPS
Insert a tutorial that can be operated by the player as the game progresses
∙ Get tips on how to operate and solve puzzles naturally while playing (optionally off setting)
In the result screen, various TIPS are displayed (optionally, various TIPS can be redisplayed)

■ Hint system is safe even if you get stuck!
In the game, hints can be displayed arbitrarily on each side!
There are multiple hints that can be enjoyed even by people who have a hard time solving mysteries.

■ Easy to use even if you are not good at action!
The difficulty level can be changed with an in-game option! If you select EASY, even people who have a negative action can enjoy it!
In addition to unlimited difficulty, there is no limit to continuation! Re-challenge is possible!
The progress of the game is auto-saved, so even if it is interrupted, it can be resumed freely if it reaches the surface once reached!
Also, H-Scene is unlocked according to the progress of each side regardless of the difficulty level selection!

■ Rich in-game elements
There may be multiple ways to clear each side!
There are also strategies for RTA and clear methods for score attack!
Dare to behave like bugs that are common in retro games
Can they lead to discovery of new clearing methods and reduction of RTA time !?
There is also a trick!

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i don’t understand what is the cancel magic menu cancel. Someone can explain me plz ^^