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Circle: Eclipse works
Release: Nov/15/2012
Translator: m1zuki
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Fetish, Fantasy, Peeing Oneself, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot, Rape
File Size: 140.95MB

Sequel: Ariadne

Genre: Fantasy RPG for adults
CGs: Main 30 + 5 poses / Over 220 variations
Features: Multiple endings, carryover from past plays, review/appreciation mode, magic learning system, clothing damage, etc.

Story: A tale in a mystical world where magic exists.

“Go to the Isle of Zion and return the magical Book of White.”

Lena the apprentice mage embarked on her solo journey
at the request of the great sorcerer.

It was her first true quest… she was still weak and inexperienced,
and there were many people in the world with bad intentions just waiting
to sink their fangs into the young girl. She will be hunted. She
will be tempted. What ultimate fate awaits Lena on her journey?

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace Runtime (free).

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Hello guys!

i have no idea how can I get to black market in City of despair Sodom? Or maybe full walktrough?