[ACT] Ultimate Fighting Girl: Type B ver.1.02 [English]

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Circle: BokoBoko877
Release: Sep/19/2015
Work Format: Action
Genre: Sports, Fighting/Martial Arts, Coquettish/Seduction, Reverse Rape, Girl, Short Skirt, Big Breasts
File Size: 1.08GB
Prequel: Ultimate Fighting Girl

*The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese.

You are known as mankind’s greatest MMA fighter. You are feared by your colleagues for your crushing victories over every single opponent you’ve faced. You are displeased, not only are there no worthy opponents, but even the willing ones are few and far between…

However, you get an offer to partake in an unlawful and rule-less tournament through the “Underground Arena”. Excited to learn what your oppenent looks like, you realize its a gorgeous, bikin babe, who looks nothing like a martial artist… but things take an unexpected turn!

If you like being (or want to be) brutally and mercilessly dominated, pummeled, humiliated, teased, mocked and insulted by a tremendous beauty, then this is the game you’ve been longing for. Enjoy many sexy and painful moves such as stink face, hip drop, breast press, cabel naria (seated chin lock), a kick to jewels and more, coupled with appropriate taunts and post defeat verbal abuse!

Press the arrow key(s) in the direction of the green ◎ and the “SHIFT” key.

Press only the arrow key(s) (and nothing else) in the direction of the red circle

Special Move (Player)
Successfully attacking and guarding will cause the special move guage to increase.
When the guage is full, a yellow ◎ will appear.
While (but not before) pressing the arrow key(s) in the direction of the yellow ◎
press the attack button to execute a special move.
However, if you act too slowly, the special move will be countered.
If no button is pressed, the special move will not be executed (nor countered).

Special Move (Opponent)
If the opponent evades 2 of your attacks, she will execute a special move.
In VERY HARD mode however, special moves are executed at random.

Circle to Behind
If the attack button is pressed 4 or more times while defending against the opponent’s attacks,
the opponent will circle around the player and attack from behind.
If this attack hits, the player will be driven into a corner and face a rush of attacks.
(the back-attack can be fended off twice, but the third and all subsequent attacks are unavoidable)

In order to escape the corner rush,
the player must land 2 attacks without being hit meanwhile,
then successfully evade 3 times.

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