[ACT] Raspberyl Castle! Be there Erotic Sanctions for Foolish Adventurers (JP)

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Circle: Odae Cemetery
Release: Mar/29/2017
Work Format: Action
Genre: Anime, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Fantasy, Blowjob/Fellatio, Interspecies Sex, Master and Servant
File Size: 81.21MB

* You have become Ancient Vampire Raspberyl’s underling and must protect
her from would be assailants = female adventurers that infiltrate the castle!
Use the mouse to control in this side view tower defense style action game.
Control monsters (familiars) and defeat the adventurers in this UNorthodox game!

* Place magic fields where you like to summon familiars (4 kinds) of your choice.
Upon intercepting an enemy they will begin to attack automatically.
Low cost goblins, Tank type slimes, ranged tentacles and high cost greater demons.
Summon the appropriate monsters to fit the situation at hand!

* When adventurers (4 kinds) are defeated their clothing will be damaged and
they will enter an immobilized state… ready for magic replenishing violation!
Strategy is key to make sure they are not interrupted during their ‘replenishment’.
Defeat, defeat, defeat and sex, sex, SEX EM UP!

* All characters and erotic contents are composed of finely detailed animation!
Flowing at a super smoooooth 60 fps for your watching pleasure.
You can zoom in and out any time you wish so be sure to enjoy the banquet of
debauchery as it unfolds before your eyes… Rest assured, no ryona (violence).
Enjoy a fun, happy, erotic life! (4 adventurer types x 4 familiars = 16 patterns)

* There are 9 days (stages) in the game and every 3 days your master Raspberyl
will provide you with a rewarding erotic event. (Not animated, but rather full color CG)
It is a pretty sweeeeet story so for those that want to be healed. Recommended.
(Note that while she is not voiced, there are moaning pleasure SFX to accompany)

* Upon clearing the game, a gallery mode is unlocked for viewing at your leisure.
You can set multiple characters up how you like to create a sumptuous orgy of flesh!
(There exists a Cheat Mode for those that find the game too difficult: Readme.txt)

Left Mouse Click: move magic fields / summon familiars (icon clicking)
Right Mouse Click: scroll the screen (by dragging)
Mouse Wheel: zoom in and out on the screen

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