[2D Hentai] Slavis Fornicatis: The Princess and the Orcs

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ヌルヌル動く 姫とオークの姦淫奴隷

Circle: mugendoukinema
Release: Apr/03/2016
File Format: MPEG
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Anime, Violation, Scatology, Interspecies Sex, Queen/Princess
File Size: 392MB


It was a world shared by beasts, gods and humans,
but in particular it was the humans and the orcs who shared,
not peacefully, the land for thousands of years.

Women were the amusement of orcs: sex slaves skewered on epic piggish phalli.
Hell on earth awaited those who fell into their hands.

There was a princess, Maris, of a small kingdom. She was one such sex slave.

Slaves were faced with two breakages: by bodily ravaging, or by pleasure in agony.
There was no third choice.

The orcs began their feast on Maris.

Worst of all was the half-orc, half-human, with a full hatred for
the weaker species to which Maris belonged.



18 minute runtime
Smooth looping animation
Female character fully voiced!
1280×720 resolution

* Irrumatio throat f*ck
* Semen injected climax
* Trance-like orgasmia by drugs
* Ultra anal f*ck
* Defecation climax
* Suspension by nose hook, nipples
* Endless orgasmic squirting
* Double orifice penetration
* Demon-gasm f*ck
* Cum stretched belly

Sound effects: Pocket Sound http://pocket-se.info/
Voice actress: Aya Kuchitani

Maris, princess of a small kingdom, strong willed
Gamis, muttbreed of human and orc, pure hater

Orcs gone mad with sexual gluttony will surely break her…
she will be changed by beastly terror and ecstasy…

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