[SLG] Cat Girl Playroom ver.1.20 [JP-Uncen] (VR Supported)

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Circle: Shimenawan
Release: Aug/03/2017
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Nekomimi (Cat Ears)
File Size: 135MB

*Thanks Rean Schwarzer for sharing the file

Let’s go and play in Cat Girl Idol, Mik*-nyan’s room!
You can look at her, touch her and…
just perhaps do something even naughtier!? All in VR!

This is a really erotic real time 3DVR game.
Even if you don’t have VR, no problem!
It can be enjoyed as a normal 3D computer game too.

***** [Regarding VR Compatible Devices] *****

HTC VIVE: Compatible and tested.

Oculus Rift CV1: With a Touch controller and SteamVR
we’ve heard that it is possible to play from start to end.
(However, Oculus is currently outside of our support.
Confirm system compatibility via the Trial Version.
We may or may not officially support it in future.)

PlayStation VR, Rift DK Series, Smartphone VR Devices,
VIVE Tracker and other such devices are not supported.
In this case, we recommend playing in PC mode.


Daily Part: Interact with Mik*-nyan in her room.
H Part: Thoroughly enjoy some nyan nyan
meow meow hanky panky with Mik*-nyan on the bed.


* A game that can be played standalone
(regardless of whether you have a VR setup or not)

* Character Voice Implemented
(Voice Acting: Mimi Mikami)

* Dress-up feature implemented!
Change her clothing (or simply take it off) as you like!

* Adjustable breast size to suit everyone’s tastes!

* Call out to Mik*-nyan (using VIVE’s microphone)
and she will respond by coming over to you!

* H Scenes include cowgirl style, missionary,
side (lateral) sex, doggy style and more!

* You can enjoy sleeping together and hugging in VR mode.

* The world scale is adjustable via in game menu sliders.
Whether Mik*-nyan is petite 1.2m cutey or a 2.5m giant is up to you!

* All daily & H scenes can be enjoyed even in the Non VR PC mode!

* Light Mode available for low spec computers!
Even if you don’t meet the recommended system specs,
you may still be able to play and enjoy the game.

All download on this site are torrent magnet. You need any bittorrent program to make it work.
Don’t forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.
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Ok now this is epic


but the question is can I actually play it for free?