[RPG] ESCAPE FROM Z CITY ~Found Footage~ (v1.0.1.0) [English]

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Circle: Ghost_SM
Release: Aug/02/2016
Translator: Emerald_Gladiator
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Cross-section View, Cuckoldry, Internal Cumshot, Big Breasts
File Size: 116MB

Translator Notes:
I’ve included a save that skips the intro and max arrows/juice (ammo/healing), and another save with full gallery unlocked (thanks to nr123 on ULMF for that!)
Almost everything is translated, and the remaining Japanese isn’t essential.

* Premise
Six months ago a virus broke out in Z City.
Kousuke and Saya are step-siblings left behind in this hell,
having survived in a shelter that’s no longer habitable.
Options are slim… but before they make the decision to abandon the city,
they respond to a cry for help from a destroyed parking garage.
That choice changes Kousuke and Saya’s fates completely…

* Game
Pseudo turn-based messenger battles with the infected using crude weaponry.
Scavenge for ammo and water, discover the hidden memory cards that Saya hid in Z City.
Purity influences the ending.

* Controls
Press the “D” button to fire the crossbow. You have limited arrows.
Press the “S” button to slash with a knife.
Press the “A” button to use an equipped item.
Press the “Q” button to select and select items from a menu.

* 15 base CGs, 130 total CGs

* Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP (free):

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