[3D Hentai] Pizza Takeout Obscenity [Engsub] (Full+Video)

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Circle: Umemaro 3D
Release: Feb/12/2012
File Format: EXE , MP4
Genre: Breasts, Polygon, Younger Sister, Big Breasts

You can Shift + Click to drag the window
1. Open the setup.ini with notepad or notepad++
2. Change the second line from BootWindowPosition=0,0 to something like BootWindowPosition=1500,500 and it will change the position of the window.

When you click near it but not ON it and it disappears, you can’t find it on taskbar or even alt+tab back to it. You have to kill it via task manager.

You hear a rumbling engine sound, and footsteps going up the stairs.
You open the door to find a pizza delivery woman standing there.
This gorgeous woman in a pink uniform starts giving you a sensual massage…

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Not sure if it’s only on my end, but it was working fine the first time I opened the .exe, but the moment I pressed either Zoom functions now it just shows a black screen with “Now Loading…” in the corner while the audio is working perfectly fine in the background. I can continue playing, but every video is just a black screen with Now Loading on the bottom right.

I’ve restarted the exe several times, deleted and extracted the same files again, restarted my own PC, and still having the problem. Any fix to this?