[SLG] Risa’s Oppai Click Mode (JP)

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Circle: Oppaiclick
Release: Jun/20/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Breasts, Student, Uniform, Underwear, Slim

[ Story ]
Your kind classmate Risa-chan suddenly starts talking to you and you end up in her room.

Enjoy a lewd time with Risa by groping her breasts, licking her naughty bits, and more!

An interactive erotic game created with AfterEffects animation and CF2.5.

[ Game Play ]
Tease and please different areas of Risa-chan’s body to raise her Ero level.
When her Ero level goes above 5, the next scene is unlocked.
Her expressions change as her Ero level increases.

3 scenes included:
Scene 1: Remove Risa-chan’s clothes while lewdly touching her.
Scene 2: Help Risa-chan feel good while she masturbates.
Scene 3: Have sex with Risa-chan, cream-pie her, etc.

* 1000×800 screen size

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So how do you advance to the next part? All I am seeing is the title but no next button. (even after I raised the bar to level 5)


As Kazuma said, there’s no way to progress to the next scene. I’ve filled the bar about 10-20 times after it got to level 5 but no prompt for next scene or anything. Going back to title resets everything so you need to get it back to level 5. Game has no auto mode either, so other than the fact you can’t progress that’s a major minus. How am I supposed to fap if I have to sit and hold left click all the time? Also, girl’s voice is stolen from Everyday Sexual Life with a Sloven Classmate, unless it’s… Read more »


does anyone know how to get into the second phase?