[SLG] Touching Time with a Preppy Girl [EnglishMTL-Partial Uncen]

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Circle: hopuhopu team
Release: Jun/29/2019
Mod by: ManlyMarco
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Girl, Upper-class Girl, Gym Clothes, Romance, Internal Cumshot
File Size: 53.8MB

This is a japanese modded version to english machine translated and partial uncensored.

Mifuyu Mishiro is the madonna of the school, and you invite her over to your house during a 4 day break while your parents are away for some touching time!
She is already in love with you and will willingly spread her legs, pretend to be asleep, wear gym clothes, and more to let you have your fun?

* Game Play
Click and drag to touch, grope, lick, and insert in this touching game!
This is a sweet and easy going flirty loving touching game.

* Features!
* Dual Monitor
Split the screen and zoom in/out to move around the camera angle amd find your optimum views.
Check her facial expressions while you tease her, zoom in on one area while zooming out on another, and more.
Enjoy touching time on either screen!

* Thoughts
Enjoy reading the girl’s thoughts in the bottom right of the screen!
Though she is a quiet girl, with this you can figure out everything that she’s thinking.
You can even see through her thoughts as she pretends to sleep.

* Live2D Motion Blend
Random blending for each part’s motion allows for more randomized sex motions creating a more realistic experience!

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asd asf

how do i play this? in act 1 she wont let me touch her boobs. i try touching other place, but no progression. how can i make the story progress?

eltra zero

press arrow down to move you view to her legs !

fo ke

good game thanks!

aaron luigi

Please add english version
This link direct to the english version of the game

Fap For Fun - Free Hentai Download

Before anyone sak, The official english of this game got DRM locked and I couldn’t find a crack anywhere.


yay, thank you FFF, i requested this but wasnt sure if youd find it, as i also had looked



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