[SLG] Romantic Night: The girl craves your balls rather than seven balls [English]

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Romantic Night ~七つの玉より君のタマ~

Circle: A-Nest
Release: Aug/24/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Breasts, Sleep Sex

* Story
You wanna f*ck with pretty girls

You were collecting the legendary seven balls.
And you got the information that a certain girl has a legendary ball
You sneak into the girl’s house

But you noticed the girl sleeping.

“Even if there are no seven balls, this girl is my favorite girl, it’s time to spend my ball!”

And in the darkness, you start a naughty to the girl……

* System

You can naughty on a sleeping girl.
You can do various naughty with easy mouse clicking
Rubbing, fiddling, pinching, licking……

You can continue naughty by auto with one click
However, if it is a long time, the girl wakes up and game over.

You need to massage the girl’s arms

And you get “brave point” and let the girls sleep more deeply.
Also, you can take off girls clothes with brave points, brighten the room, and do a variety of other things.

* Features of this game
This game realized a soft body using physical calculations.
This game realized realistic movements of boobs, buttocks and nipples using physical calculations!
Also, the female nipple erects when you touch the nipple
You can enjoy the movement of real boobs made by boobs craftsmen.

* Sex scene
You can enjoy the embarrassing undressing condition of the four kinds of women. also You can enjoy a naked woman.
Sex scene is full 3D
You can select three Sex positions and three more cameraworks in the reward scene.
When you see the ending, free mode is enabled.
You will be able to do unlimited Sleep Assault.

* Trial version
Since the trial version is under development, it may be changed to contents in the product version.

I confirmed the operation even in the low spec environment of the built-in GPU, such as a laptop computer
But if you buy it should first make sure that the behavior of this game is comfortable with trial version

You can specify display quality finely in setting
Game speed will be improved if resolution and texture quality are lowered

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This kind of game is my favorite