[ACT] Usagi and the Dream Island ver.1.0.0a (JP)

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Circle: Milk Cocoa Seiki
Release: Jun/20/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Loli, Heartwarming, Fantasy, Tiny Breasts

Using the special power that she suddenly obtained,
go on a VERY pleasurable adventure on the mysterious dream island!

[Game Overview]
She awoke one morning with a floating “thing” that was synced with her nerves!
Journey with it and battle in this action game!
– Normal attacks
– Shooting attacks obtained through H
– Core attacked obtained through defeating bosses
Aim to complete the game using various techniques!

[Stage Count]
5 Stage total
(3 maps each / 15 maps total)

[H Page Count]
20+ Pixel H motions
5+ Boss Pixel H scenes
10+ HCG (illustrations)

* Created using Pixel Game Maker MV

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kai zo

if you manage to beat this game you deserve a medal. 2-3 boss is impossible.

Matthew Gibson
Terell Ricardo

Great characters and animations but the lack of invulnerability frames causing you to get comboed over and over, and inability to realistically react to boss attacks before they’re used is extremely frustrating. I managed to 100% the game if anyone still needs it, the last boss is surprisingly much easier than 2-3 and 4-3, and the secret boss is easier than them too, but also difficult.

100% Save: https://mega.nz/#!Ac8EVIKJ!eR8rt3VHOc5wWdOmwHEnXx6RVLdTfhRBtYyl7k6RuFY
(Place folder as C:\\Users\\…\\AppData\\Local\\Usagi and the Dream Island ver.1.0.0a, this does not belong where the game was extracted)


So, what’s the trick to make the game running? Tried a lot of things, but nothing (demo works fine thou). So frustrating 🙁


I’m a moron, lose to a boss 3 time and don’t skip through their text and you can choose a cheat mode that one shots them.

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