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ダメ!ぜったい!!淫 〜見習いサキュバスのおクスリ手帳〜

Circle: kate_sai
Release: Jun/14/2019
File Format: MP4/ HTML
Genre: Loli, Succubus/Incubus, Foot Job, Internal Cumshot, Woman Rapes Man, Oral Cumshot

“I am the high-born and graceful succubus Lewticia! I shall succu (suck you) dry!”

You are suddenly cum-drained by the fun-sized squishy succubus Lewticia.

Your pride as a genius alchemist cannot accept being so easily drained
by a low level succubus, and you decide to use your expertise as a black market
drug trader to get drug induced sexual revenge!!

When Lewticia foolishly comes back again, you trap her and inject your medicine!

With her brain and body now under your control, its time for revenge!

Wait… doesn’t it seem like Lewticia’s acting even wilder?
Perhaps… the drug’s side effect… has fully awoken her succubus powerssss!?

Fuck or get fucked in this lewd battle between a alchemist and succubus!
Will you be the last one “standing,” or will you be drained till you fall to your knees!?

* * Playback: Approx. 112 minutes (approx. 1700 clip count) * *
* * * Fully voiced, hand drawn animation! * * *

Say no to drugs… Dame! Zettai!

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very cute!


can you re-up this?