[ACT] Night Town – The girl who walks the way of night alone [English]

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Circle: Sexy3D
Release: Dec/27/2014
Work Format: Action
Genre: Clothed, Touching, Outdoor, Masturbation, Molestation, Coercion/Compulsion, male protagonist, groping, rape, voyeurism

* Story
An office lady walks alone at night… not realizing someone walks behind her.

* Synopsis
You control the stalker who tails the young woman, spies on her, molesters her on the train, and enters the bedroom of her home.

* Features
– Stalk/tail: follow your target on a 3D map which includes locations of park, subway, house, etc.
– Peep/voyeurism: watch various events which are a mix of interaction or view-only.
– Grope/molest: click your target to touch her, enjoying her reactive pleasure.
– Break and enter: sneak into the target’s bedroom, enjoying he reactive pleasure.
– Game progression: each new map gives you new EXP; level up and learn new skills.
(You can beat the game without using skills; skills make the game easier.)
– Play and win, then continue the second playthrough to see a different ending.
– Customization: as with previous Sexy3D’s products, you can customize the girl; up to 12 facial patterns.
– Game progression: unlock special costumes as you go.
– More than mindless porn: getting the ero scenes isn’t a stalk in the park; you’ll have to play smart, and well.
– Rising difficulty curve: easy at first, but dogs and crows and other characters will change that.
(If you’re just interested in the erotic scenes, another game is recommended.)

* System specs
3D graphics may require a high-power graphics card.
Notebook/laptop and onboard graphics may not be powerful enough.
Please play the trail version to confirm compatibility before purchase.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for access to updates.

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