[2D Hentai] TWIN QUIET: Deep Brainwash, Distorted Justice (Motion Comic Version)

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ツインクワイエット-深層洗脳 歪められ正義-(モーションコミック版)

Circle: survive
Release: Jun/06/2019
File Format: MP4
Genre: Transforming Girl, Hypnosis, Robot Sex, Corrupted Morals, Brainwashing, Body Modification

A evil corruption CG collection by “Wagayanokurorekishi” presented in Motion Comic style!
The fappability has been even boosted with 53 minutes of smoothly moving animations!

The transforming heroines “Twin Quiet” fight against the evil
with the spiritual weapon that normal people can’t recognize.

While these two investigate the case of missing women,
they notice the existence of the mastermind behind the scene.

The one of Twin Quiet, Quiet Aqua Shizuku Houzumi finally disclosed
the secret face of the mastermind but she is soon captured, having
the innocent people taken hostage behind the villains.

Will she be able to resist the vicious brainwashing experiment…?

Contains: enslaving suit / brainwashing / body modification / titjob / nipple fuck etc.

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