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Circle: moyasix
Release: May/24/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Anime, Bunny Girl, Violence, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Egg Production, Interspecies Sex

* Story

~ A thousand year battle between the Frog Faction and the Bunny Ninjas! ~

10 years had passed since the war between the Bunny Ninjas and Dr. Geeger,
the mad scientist known for combining frog senjustu and modern technology.

He was thought to be dead… but it turns out he’s back!
Sakuya, leader of the Bunny Ninjas must now step up to the cause.

Equipped with her “Super Bunny Suit,” she faces the Croaker Gang.

* Game

Play with your mouse in this side scroll action game.
Use your katana and ninjitsu to fight off hoards of zombie Croakers.

The game difficulty is set a little high, but enemy numbers can be adjusted,
and “1 hit KO” as well as “invincible mode” functions are included.

In addition to game play parts, animation parts are included!

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