[RPG] Exhibition Academy [Sneak Action Exhibition Game] ver.1.30 [English]

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Circle: H.H.WORKS.
Release: Apr/03/2019
Translation: Kashem2 (partial) and completed by Matth
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Uniform, School, Masturbation, Outdoor Exposure, Outdoor Sex, Ashamed
File Size: 238MB

* In contrast to our previous work, this game isn’t centered around event CG.
It is focused on 2 patterns of pose art using over 1000+ layers, and specific
cut-in animations for different events.
Event CG for the 2 routes of END2 / END3 as well as animation CG, for 4 types total!

* The latest version is [Ver1.30].

* Product will be on sale for a limited time after release.
Because we will be going through bugs, be sure to purchase this product with a DLsite
account to get updates.

* Prologue
A girl is looking for stress-release methods online during her exam studies,
and what she found was using exhibition play…
Though skeptical at first, after experiencing uplifting yet immoral emotions
when she tried it, she began to intensify her actions…

* Free Flashing!
Enjoy exhibition anytime anywhere during your school life!
From simple exhibition, to light flashing, boob groping, masturbating, using a vibrator,
and more can be experienced!
Change into a swimsuit or gym clothes!
All costumes can be removed, flashed, vibrator-ed, and more as well!
(Version updates with different underwear, knee-high socks, blindfolds expected)

* Sneak Missions!
By completing sneak missions that you assign, you can unlock new types of play!

* Exhibition Play in Class!
The character will be in a specific sitting position during class.
Secretly enjoy exhibition play in the danger of the classroom!
But if other student’s or perverted teachers find you…
You might get sexually violated in class…

* Public Attention Meter!
If your exhibitionism is caught, your public attention meter increases.
If your public attention gets too high, you get surrounded by a shadow and…
For virgin game completion, be sure not to get caught!

* Cut-in Animations!
Events are displayed through multiple cut-in animations!
Special cut-in animations for different parts and events!

* Multiple Endings!
The player’s actions lead to different endings!
Will you manage to go 30 days without being caught…?
Will you be caught by the pervert teacher, and get dominated…?
3 types of endings available:
END1. Virgin Clear
END2. School’s Cum-Dump (2 types of animation CG)
END3. Impregnation Teacher (2 types of animation CG)
(More endings expected in an update after release)

* Sub Events
Various exhibition points can be found across the school…
Sub-events can also be found scattered throughout the school.
Various sexual violation events can be accessed through public attention as well.
If you get violated too much it could end up bad…

* Lots of Useful Functions
Event trigger conditions can be checked via the smartphone (menu).
You can check time skipping and route conditions as well.
There is a reminisce room as well, and by following a certain route to the end,
you can unlock off the events.
There is even a hypnotist who can help you forget about being caught…

* MacOS compatible
This game can be played on both Windows and Mac OS

* Implemented Events
Exhibition style events: 13 types
Cut-in sub-events: 14 types
Sexual violation type events: 9 types
Route events
With animation CG: 4 types
Cut-in events: 2 types

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This game kinda lagging but still worthy