[SLG] The Runaway Girl And Me ver.1.05 [EN-CH-KR]

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Circle: level1
Released: Mar/29/2024
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Male Protagonist, Abnormal / Perverted, Love Comedy / Romcom, Slice of Life / Daily Living, Cohabitation, Discipline, Anal
File size: 1.03 GB

Game introduction
We’re distributing a 35% off coupon for those who have already purchased the Japanese version.
Please see the details below.

Expiration date: 14 days after receiving
Applicable Users: Those who purchased the Japanese version before March 25th, 2024
*Depending on the payment method, you may not qualify even if you make your purchase before the date specified.

If the message “Failed to create save folder.” is displayed, check the Windows security settings.
Our circle’s Ci-en describes how to deal with the issue.
My life has just started together with this runaway girl.
She’s naturally rather closed-off and suspicious of me at first,
but as we communicate and spend more time together, she comes to open up to me.

Daily life
Living costs money, so you’ll need to work in order to save some money to fully enjoy your new cohabitation life.
Complete goals to trigger events, and progress the story.
Along the way, you might find better ways of making money, too.

Have fun spending time with your new cohabitant.

H-Scene introduction
Main H scenes feature real-time control with animation cut-ins. You can do multiple actions at the same time.

H scenes are fully-voiced, though the game itself is only partially voiced.
Background voices are included as well.
Hear the heroine’s sleeping breaths, intense moans, and exhausted panting depending on the situation.

Some positions also allow for costume choice. Ripped stockings, half-stripped panties, blindfolds…the options are plentiful!
There are also some traditional H scenes that proceed in visual novel game style with the text progression.

Heroine’s body development
Repeating H actions with the heroine can make the heroine’s body more sensitive.
Raising the protagonist’s “Hentai” opens up new possible actions.
Give the heroine lewd presents, and help cultivate her sexual interest!

About the Multi-Language Version
・In the Multi-Language Version, you can choose between English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. However, Japanese is not available.
・Voiced audio is only available in Japanese.
・The Multi-Language Version can read save data from the Japanese Version (Ver1.04), but the Japanese Version (Ver1.04) cannot read save data from the Multi-Language Version.
(This may change in future updates to the Japanese Version)
・When loading save data from the Japanese Version (Ver1.04) of the game into the Multi-Language Version, it is possible that some game text may remain in Japanese, such as the save data title, message log, and some message windows.
Any new messages added after continuing your save will be added in the language selected from the config screen.
・On first start up, the default language will be English. After selecting the language in the config menu, you must restart the game to apply your settings.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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What’s changed with this version?


This is pretty much your standard slice of life sim resource management game, carried by it’s polish, pretty good art, and decent writing. Where it falls apart for me is Natsuho herself (the runaway girl). She’s needy, tedious, annoying, and demanding. She will snap at you, going in to a negative mood swing that spirals in to a negative feedback loop that effects all of the games mechanics, all because you wanted to have a conversation with her and failed. She’ll get anxious if you don’t make a sex video with her often enough, but on the same day she’s… Read more »