[SLG] A Parallel World’s Policy Against Declining Birthrates ~Appointed to The Role of Creampie Official!~ ver.1.03 [Multi Languages]

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Circle: LoserLoseEmpire
Released: Dec/17/2023
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Buttocks, Cross-section View, 3D Works, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Coercion / Compulsion, Vulgar, Moans, Clit Teasing, Tanned Skin / Suntan
File size: 552 MB (1.24 GB)

You’ve received a letter.


Someplace On Earth, Region Earth, 5-7-49
Secretary for the Department of Birthrate Affairs

Notification of Appointment to Creampie Official

We hope you find yourself well, citizen.
This letter serves to inform you have been chosen amongst sixty million potential candidates for the role of Creampie Official. You are hereby tasked with a very special mission.

You are to take on your new role as soon as possible. Quit your career and answer these summons immediately. The stability and future of the nation are in your hands.

As part of your role, you are to ignore any human rights of the women within the stipulated age range, if so necessary, to fulfill your mission. We expect you to behave in accordance with your stature as a government official and carefully make use of this special power for the future and prosperity of our country.

Applicants are immediately required to attend a special training course to teach them the skills necessary to fulfill their roles. A government guide will be at your door by the following date: XX/XX/20XX. Be ready at your doorstep and take with you only the bare necessities.

Keep in mind not being there on the stipulated date constitutes an act of treason against the state. If you don’t make mention of your whereabouts in the following 24 hours, you will be treated as a terrorist, and a search will begin in your name.

We thank you deeply for your cooperation.

Butts! In walls!
Are you an ass man? Do you want to see nothing BUT asses? Then this game is for you!
A first for our circle! 10 different types of voices for our characters!
Also a first! Multi-language support! (Languages supported: Chinese, Korean, English).

This is a short simulation game about asses stuck to walls.
Impregnate what’s in front of you! Knock them up and use toys to make them cum!
Impregnate the girls to get points and buy new toys with them!
Cum, cum, and keep cumming to unlock more items!
Let’s aim to knock all 50 of the girls up!

***Please be aware this game includes…***
– Depictions of girls being impregnated against their will.
– Depictions of clitoral, anal and vaginal teasing with various toys.
– Deposing of women with low statuses after taking their virginity.
– Depictions of treating women like toys.
– Hardcore moaning.

* We can’t suggest this game to you if you’re averse to the fantasy of using a woman’s lower half as you please.

You can freely move the camera around by holding [Right Click].

While holding [Right Click], use WASD to move the camera around, and QE to tilt it. Use the [Mouse Wheel] to adjust the camera speed.

***How To Reset Your Progress***
Use [Ctrl+D] to open the Reset Progress window.
Choosing [Yes] when prompted will delete all the points and items you’ve earned.

Training Program: Impregnation
A Parallel World’s Policy Against Declining Birthrates ~Appointed to The Role of Creampie Official!~ [LoserLoseEmpire]
State-Mandated Creampie Official Training

Your training will take place in an institution exclusive to your use. To complete your training, you must fulfill the goals stipulated below.

Practical Insemination:
You must impregnate at least 50 targets present in this institution. This test is meant to draw out your talents as Creampie Official and get you used to your role. New targets will become available as you advance in your goal, and successful inseminations will reflect your rank as Official.

Your number of successful inseminations will be counted, and as your rank increases, you will be awarded points and the right to work on new targets.
At first you will only be allowed contact with students. Success will open up a wider range of girls.
All of your targets are virgins.

Creampie Point System:
You will earn Creampie Points through actions that relate to your job as Creampie Official (such as getting them to climax, pregnant, or simply ejaculating). Use these points to buy new items that will prove indispensable for your goal.

Limitations during training:
You will not be able to leave the facility during your training. This is for your safety, and your successful completion of the task at hand.

Post-training liberties:
You will be free to roam as you please once your training is over, with the mission to impregnate as many women as possible as a Creampie Official. Use the experience and skills you’ve learned during your training period. Do not forget: our nation needs you!

Usable Adult Toys
A Parallel World’s Policy Against Declining Birthrates ~Appointed to The Role of Creampie Official!~ [LoserLoseEmpire]
Usable Items (For Training)
Rotor / Anal Beads / Massager / Lotion / Anal Vibrator / Vibrator / Whip / Anal Jelly / Drink Can / Lighter / Huge Vibrator / Ovulation Pills
Use the points you have earned to buy new items.
New items will unlock as you progress through the ranks.

* Things to Note
This game uses real-time 3D computer-generated animations.
You will need a system capable of running Unity and 3D graphics at an acceptable framerate to play this game.

This game might get sluggish with progress. Make special note of supported operating systems.
There is a high chance the game won’t work in unsupported OSes and not guaranteed to work.
The demo and full versions of the game might differ in performance.

Those who are worried about the game not running on their system are best advised to refrain from purchasing. We can’t guarantee the game will work on all PCs. The demo version is technically similar to the full game, but it’s also heavily limited, so performance may vary. The game will load all 3D models at boot-up, so it might take a while to run. Running this game without a GPU might not make for the best experience.

* About Character Voices
For character voices we’re using samples by Voicematerial_Pincree.

The following are the ones we chose for this game.
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Hanashoubu)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Mee Yumesaki)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Jemiko Yamada)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Ruri Konohana)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Namuru Kurusu)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Shirone Nekono)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Narumi Aisaka)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Nikomi Ryuzen)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Chiya)
Voice material _Pincree (Voice: Aki Katagiri)

* About Multiple-Language Support
Due to our circle’s limited funds, we’ve decided to use machine translation software for multi-lingual support. Some dialogue and certain descriptions remain in Japanese.
We’re planning to commission a full translation once we obtain the necessary funds.
Support for development funding is available at the following URL.
Please support us to improve the translation of our work.


If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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omfg this camera control is absolute horrible.


I was expecting more based on the description, but nah… Almost no explanation, just you and a bunch of on-screen buttons/commands. Not to mention the awful camera movements which immediately turned me off


Este es el primer comentario que hago, porque aveces cuando un juego muestra que pesa por ejemplo 1GB, y cuando lo descargo dice que solo pesa 590MB. acaso debo ser premium o algo asi, o en realidad pesa 1GB?.