[SLG] Business Trip!! ~Wife cuckold simulation game~ [English]

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Released: Jul/30/2014
Translator: JustXuX
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Married Woman, Bunny Girl, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Big Breasts, Voluptuous / Plump
File size: 298.54 MB

The main character must embark on a year-long business trip in order to make a living and provide a better life for his beloved wife, Maho.
Of course, the men aiming at her will not pass up this opportunity to steal the protagonist’s wife.
The protagonist is far from home, and his options are limited. Can he keep his beloved wife safe from all evil?​

⭐ Guide.txt and explanation image included. Read them please!
⭐ The wife is fully voiced. By Hiiragi Mafuyu.
⭐ Most sex scenes are NTR. Only 1 vanilla scene.
⭐ Multiple endings. Happy endings too.
⭐ This game is not linear, events have probability to trigger.
⭐ You can actually protect your waifu this time, but sadly only one sex scene.

Translator Notes:
The events in the game are based on probability.
Pressing “CTRL” button on your keyboard will skip fast-forward.
Don’t lower her love until she makes contact with another man for 3 scenes or so.
Or you’ll get the “Wifey left ending”. Don’t gift the amulet or the strange figurine.
To trigger specific path with a man you need to give her specific presents.

For Otaku: Gift her flower pics and bouquets.
For the macho man: It’s the meat.

For the middle-aged man: It’s a little bit tricky, you need to gift her the bottle of sake.
Then you need to trigger the macho man scenes until he fucks her.
Then don’t gift her meat anymore, nor flower pics or bouquets.
Then just spam stuff. Hopefully you’ll progress his path until the end of the end of the business trip.
I almost got it, just needed one more scene.

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I’m so fucking sick of this never ending NTR trend ! At the moment I see the words/tags wife, milf, mom, married there is 90% chance to also have NTR. Or just a voluptuous woman and you have NTR.
What is wrong with you !

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