[ACT] Adventure of Alpakan HD ~Side Story of Oppai Phantasia~ ver.1.5

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アルパカンの冒険HD ~おっぱいPhantasia外伝~

Circle: tondes
Release: Mar/18/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Breasts, Breast Milk, Tentacle, Big Breasts

– Now contains [Standard Resolution Version], of which window resolution is a half of the original.
– Lightweight operation mode is implemented (experimental) in both retail and demo version.
– Bugs fixed

For the sake of rescuing women taken away,
A cute animal Alpalan explores around a bandits’
hideout in this exploration based action game!

H illustrations are drawn by 144:

Presented with tons of tits-related variation CGs in H scenes:
groping, sucking and binding by tentacles, milking machines and so on and on.
Please enjoy high-quality H illustrations in high resolution.

This game is M*troid-ish action game.
Running around the map and attaining special
abilities would be required to progress the game.
A simple play-through takes about 1 hour (estimated).
Plus some completion features like collecting items, collecting doujinshi, exploration etc.

[Collecting Doujinshi]
Doujinshi by ONEGROSS (illustrator’s circle) are scattered around the map.
You can see the sample images of doujinshi you have picked up.
Your doujinshi collection is stored in “My Goya (my room)”.
Samples of compilation doujinshi contain one full episode.

“Adventure of Alpakan HD” is displayed in 1600×900, outstandingly high resolution.

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