[SLG] The Returned Molested Train (JP) (PC-Android)

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Circle: Hurricane Dot Com
Released: Feb/25/2023
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch / Feel, Dot / Pixel, Anime, Uniform, Train, Molestation, Big Breasts
File size: 31.43 MB

You can accumulate experience by molesting girls and enhance your molestation skills.
As your level goes up, your molestation will increase and you can play in various ways.
However, if you molest a girl too much, she will scream, so you should hold her mouth with your hand to keep her from screaming.
The more you molest the girl, the more she will want to have a cock and you can have sex with her.

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I really like the concept and the art is good, but there’s no sense of progress. You only have 1 save slot, which you can use for your favorite girl. Once you work your way to finally be able to cum inside her, there will be nothing else to do but to create a new game. You’ll only see another girl if you start a new game. A simple story mode would go a long way, with a new girl showing up once you tell the game you’re finish with the current one, but still being able to go back… Read more »


There have been two updates (as of this post) for this game. Could you please share the latest? Thanks!


judging by the screenshots, the only difference between the girls is the haircut, nothing else, am i correct?