[Others] IV? AV!! ver.1.2.1 [JP-EN-CH-Uncen]

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Circle: Glass-Atelier
Released: Oct/24/2022
Product format: Others
Genre: Anime, Girl, Virgin Female, Tanned Skin / Suntan
File size: 328.05 MB

Japanese system locale or locale emulator might be required.
[How can I set my system locale to Japanese?]

A Typical Video Shoot Turned Into a Porn Shoot!? Smooth Quality at 60fps!More than double amount of animation shoots from the previous work “LoliPhoto” included!
+ lots of dialogue variations
+ lots of detailed variations[Story]
You invite Saya Hayakawa for a video shoot at a station.
Keeping the conversation going and communicating with her, you start filming an image video of her…

…but of course, it doesn’t end there!

This is a conversational game with Live2D animation at 60fps.
Created with detail, with great amounts of dialogue / animation variations and detailed sound effects!

Experience sneakily teasing Saya!

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IV?AV!! VER.1.2.1 FINAL + SAVE (UNCEN-ENG) When will they take it out?


“Game runs like ass, 100% gpu utilization on a 3070ti what is this?”
Same dude, same :C

Condom Warrior

whats new?


If anyone has changelog updates, it would be appreciated.


Found it ◇ Update history ◇ ■ ver.1.2.1 ・Some bugs have been fixed. ■ ver.1.2.0 ・Added costume “Cheergirl”. ・Added the goods “Tablet”. ・Added free mode (FREE MODE). ・Added Chinese translation (simplified characters). ・Added volume adjustment function. ・Changed the specifications of the skip function. ・Fixed other minor bugs. ■ ver.1.1.1 ・We have reduced the processing load for some processes. ■ ver.1.1.0 ・Added the costume “Bunny Suit”. ・Added the goods “Pregnancy delusion drug”. ・Added other item “Business Mobile Phone”. ・Added “FPS” setting to the settings screen. (Added 45FPS and 30FPS.) ・Added “Delete data” function to the settings screen. ・Fixed an issue where… Read more »


Really good. If only it wasn’t a loli…


How do you get level 1 in sex practice I can’t seem to figure it out edit: nvm I figured it out lol

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I’m getting a blue screen when “shooting in the sports ground” and the audio plays normal, anyone knows how to fix it?


This game has quickly become one of my top 10 H games. It’d probably be #1 if not for all of the technical problems. I can only play it once before I have to scrub it from my PC and redownload it and install it again, and I have no idea why. Luckily the saves remain in the HKEY folder so you don’t have to redo your progress. And then I can also cook instant ramen from all the heat my laptop makes when it runs this game… But that just shows how good the game is, I keep playing… Read more »


iI love this game. Wish there is more of this games


or a new update