About Premium roles on FFF Discord Server

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  • Post last modified:March 5, 2022

About Premium roles on FFF Discord Server

The 3 special roles for our supporters @Sorcerer @High Wizard and @Lich King are permanent. You’ll get the role of the tier you support me and never lose it.

Month 1: You support me 20$ this month you get @High Wizard role.
Month 2: You change to support me for 10$, You also get @Sorcerer role.
Month 3: You choose to unsup me for this month, You still have both of your roles.

To get your supporter roles, support me on PixivFANBOX for 10$ or higher:
Then post your FFF username along with your PixivFANBOX username in #get-your-supporter-role channel, I will manually add your role within 24 hrs.

These changes only apply from this month onwards. If you’re already on any of that 3 tiers this month but didn’t get your role yet. Post your FFF username in the channel I mentioned above.

Thank you, I always appreciate every help and support from you guys! 😃