[ACT] Kurovadis [English-Uncen]

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Circle: Kyrieru
Release: Apr/10/2012
Work Format: Action
Genre: Sidescroller, Platformer, 2D, Pixel Art, Tentacles, Sex, Rape, Nude, Monsters

Kurovadis is a hentai action rpg with classic platforming action.

Set in a post apocalyptic future where the world is at war with monsters, you play as a girl who must stop the threat once and for all.

Fight through 3 unique areas, with 20 different enemies each with their own sex animations, and 10 game over CGs.

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Best metroidvania pixel h-game i’ve played so far.


Play this you will not regret it!


I give it a quality seal.
For his first game officially released, Kyrieru really did an outstanding job.
Keep your eyes open for the remastered version.