[RPG] Siluman Chronicle (Siluman Fantasy) Beta4 [English-Uncen]

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Creator: Siluman
Release: 2018-09-30
Work Format: RPG
Genre: 2D, adult, Erotic, JRPG, moe, monstergirls, nsfw, r18, RPG Maker

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There is should be some people that is wondering
“Why we start a new project yet the project before isn’t finished yet?”
Sadly because of bad management and my bad eyes,
We recruited people that isn’t up to their task so we stumped in developing the project correctly.

In the last project we asking ourselves what is wrong in the work progress.
We deduce it is our immaturity on managing people, story overall and UI design.

So now we start all over again as a programmer and artist again using super tools and asset RPG MAKER! We thought to start all over again and create what we like and sharing it to you all. Even though this game is built using common engine we hope you can enjoy it as we are.

Without further ado here we are introducing Siluman Chronicle RPG!

About This project is still revolves on a man named “Minoru” yes that is you presumably. He is a net and gaming addict that loves to be the top of everything related to game. He was about to finish his current favorite game only to be abducted to another world. Where in this world he lost and search for the way home. He must collect the lust and libido as a key to become stronger and open the way home.
The system is RPG Maker default with some gimmick here and there. While there is a lot of meme and reference we inserting, we still hope you can enjoy this game.

Fixed grammer issues
What’s New :
– You Died Screen
– Enemy border
– New Item System
– Goblin Questline
– Candiru Character (Calideya Intro)
– 2 NPC Quest
– 3 Branch Ending
– Brand New World Intro
– NG+ System
– 3 new H-Scene(Malua, Goblin, Alice)
– More Balancing
– Menu System(Sound, Dash, Color)
– Gallery Inside Game
– Cheat Code Implemented
– Special Cutscene & Guide

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H-games with memes…

They are evolving.


Hmm siluman. Is that word taken from Indonesia language? Siluman mean demon or demoness in Indonesia


I created tis account just to tell you guys that this game is god tier , memes , adrksouls references , good hentai scenes ,op op