[RPG] Eve Story – Hero’s Practice Ver1.06 [JP/EN/CH]

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イブストーリー 勇者の修行

Circle: SmallSqurriel
Release: Aug/04/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Heroine Only, Outdoor Exposure, Captivity, Blonde Hair
Language: English (machine translation)/Chinese/Japanese

When an oracle tells that the demon lord will arise again, people are seized with fear.
However, some heroes stand up against the fear! This story begins with a certain female thief…

Eve Rukia has just started her adventure aiming to be the second-ranked
hero for which she has longed. However, her way of practice is not that smooth.
Will she be able to be a hero? Otherwise……

– 6x violation scenes + 3x events
– 6x costumes + naked
– Easy card battle like rock paper scissors

[How/When To Add “Playback Mode”]
* Note: Events are to be added only when BOSS button appears on the left side
of the screen and you cause an intentional EP-defeat on purpose.
1. Upon leaving the store with a cloth strengthened for the first time, after the completion of the tutorial.
2. To be HP-defeated by BOSS succubus.
3. To complete the final cloth of Real Hero.
4. To be EP-defeated by each of BOSS slime, goblin, demibeast, imperial guard, succubus and tentacle.
5. Upon getting all the clothes.
6. After the completion, to see the staff roll until the end. (please note that it is not counted when skipped)

* Genre: RPG
* Platform: PC
* Supporting languages: Traditional Chinese, Japanese and English (switchable in gameplay)
* Costume Collection & Defeat Violation

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