[ACT] Soul of Phantasm

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Circle: Ultramanbo
Release: Aug/30/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Suit, SF, Orgy Sex, Gangbang, Robot Sex, Interspecies Sex

This product is scheduled to be updated to the English version.

A beat ’em up side-scroller to control a bionoid Akari to explore around
towns and research centers and fight mysterious creatures called “Unknown”!!

* Goes forward with the full use of jump, attacks, charge attacks, special moves etc.
Once she is attacked, her clothes get stripped off and touching enemies while lying
on the ground makes a variety of erotic scenes happen.

* Various monsters such as humans under control, mysterious creatures,
droids and huge creatures assault female characters!

* There are 50+ H scenes. Each monster has its own scene.
Scenes include blowjob, double penetration, triple penetration,
egg laying, tentacle, penetration with an extremely thick thing,
vore, breast domination etc etc. When the orgasm gauge reaches
MAX, the scene moves into its “finish” scene.
“Gangbang mode” showing multiple enemies’ assault is implemented.

* Voice acting, sound effects, and BGM are included. You have a continue option.
H scenes can be viewed freely in gallery mode. Zoom-in version of H scenes included.

* A side story is planned to be added in updates so that you can control a sub character.

Between reality and fantasy… They face a stunning “fate” that was generated by their own hands!

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