[3D Hentai] To Love-ru Diary HARENCHI

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Circle: marmalade*star
Release: May/09/2017
File Format: WMV

Movie have a trouble with some programs. Recommended to play with VLC or PotPlayer.

The diligent stand-offish public morals committee
member Yui dislikes ‘shameless’ HARENCHI behavior.
But the truth be told… from a young age she has been
troubled by an overly sensitive body and insatiable lust.

Every night she has erotic, lewd dreams and
she just cannot stop herself from masturbating.
While full of self loathing, she one day recollects the
very reason that she ended up with such a slutty body…

It’s your fault! …and she is going to make sure you take
full responsibility for fulfilling her every single desire~!

[System / Contents]
7 days of hedonistic hentai, multiple angles, fully voiced,
with large breast advantageous titjobs, suckling handjobs,
footjobs, fellatio, vibrator masturbation and other situations!

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Won’t open on MPC-HC
Broken on GOM Player Plus
Works on VLC and Windows Media Player (lol)

Same for anyone else?