[ACT] Legend of MonMusu: Heroes Are But Fodder

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モン娘伝説 魔物娘に犯されし英雄達

Circle: Cyber Sakura
Release: Mar/15/2013
Work Format: Action
Genre: Angel/Demon, Magical Girl, Animalize, Seduce (Submissive), Fantasy

An enthralling challenge action RPG built with an original system!
Robustly designed scenario and erotic scenes of reverse r*pe by beautiful
hell vixens (beautifully illustrated by artists Takami Nao & Lowdock #2).

* Story
The Queen of Darkness Deuxia will rise.
Her beautiful monsters begin the “manhunt” to hoard power, by harvesting human male sperm.

* Heroines
Lamia, Plant Seductress, Angel, Shadowess, Essence Vixen, Succubus,
Scylla, Mummy, Demon Queen, Spellcaster…!
10 varieties of feminine creatures!
Must-see relationships with the protagonist!

* Game
Changeable skills and equipment
Challenge maps and dungeons
Special fight moves created in 16-bit animation

* Ero Scenes
In which the heroes are milked by monster musumes for every drop.

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