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Circle: dieselmine
Released: Sep/15/2017
Translator: Spinxas
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Horror, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Violation, Rape, Consensual Sex
File size: 932.68 MB

Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required.
[How can I set my system locale to Japanese?]

The protagonist and co. are trapped in a certain western style mansion.
Though trembling in fear, they attempt to explore the mansion in search of an escape but…
Awaiting them was the dangerous preoccupations and their cruel (erotic) intentions.
Is escape from the mansion possible or will they be caught and…?

Why, why did it end up like this……?

Invited by my no good friend Renji, out of curiosity,
I tagged along and entered the “Mansion”.
But here, there was someone? that we should never…
ever… have met…… If I had known, I would have never
even thought about coming here. If we are caught,
I cannot even imagine what horrific torment awaits…

I must… I must get out…… of here…………

– Captured by an escaped convict as a hostage and molest.
– Protagonist peeping through a hole in the wall at bathing girls.
– Protagonist watching as Renji gets some fellatio.
– Shinji groping at Suzushiro’S breasts
– Childhood friend recorded on smartphone being r*ped in her sleep.
– Close and intimate in the closet.
– Protagonist is reverse raped by the class rep.
– During exploration, childhood friend stuck in the wall and r*ped.
– Childhood friend and class rep are collared and r*ped by Osaku.

Protagonist: Kyousuke

Mysterious Elder Schoolmate: Sumiyo Kokumiya (CV: An Kasuga)
Childhood Friend: Sakura Tachibana (CV: Satsuki Akushiro)
Wakana Suzushiro (CV: Yuri Ayase)

Protagonist’s no good friend: Renji
Weakling Younger Schoolmate: Shinji
Escaped Convict: Osaku

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I’ve played this before. The good route? is bugged (Question mark because I don’t how it ends). The screen will turn black. Is this version fix the bug?