[RPG] Egg of World ~Illusory Lilium~ ver.2.02 [English-AI Translation]

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Circle: Hasoyua
Released: Jul/09/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Transforming Girl, Nonhuman / Monster Girl, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Violation, Hypnosis, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts
File size: 823.73 MB

Two different worlds…
One is very much like our own. It was there that schoolgirl Mari and her best friend Kotone lived their lives in peace.
On that fateful day, they went to school, did their extracurriculars, and went to hang out at a cafe afterward.
At least, that’s what was supposed to happen…

Instead, they were greeted by the sight of citizens collapsed on the ground, some of whom turned into raging monsters.
Mari, who seemed immune to the evil influence, called forth a mysterious costume. She had no idea how, but was able to defeat the creatures with her mysterious new weapon.
She’d saved her friend Kotone, and was then summoned to the headquarters of a strange organization. There, she was first informed of the existence of another world… and of the evil miasma and fearsome monsters that dwell within.
And thanks to her immunity to the otherwordly vapors, it was up to her to face the threat head-on!

The monsters mean to invade the town even now, but if the threat can be contained early, it will be as if it never existed in the first place.
And so, in order to fulfill her inescapable duty, Mari transforms into her alter-ego Lilium and sets off to the other world, hoping to stop the monstrous miasma at its source.

・This work is designed to be easy to play with only one hand without getting caught in map operations.
Supports keyboard, gamepad and mouse.

・In this work, you can freely set the hero’s sexual sensibility, sexual experience, difficulty level, etc.
Apart from this setting, you can also use message skipping and battle speedup.
Whether you want to enjoy the game or want to finish the game quickly, you can set it according to your preferences.
As for H-scenes, there is a way to register them in recollections without seeing them.

・Reactions during battle and H-scenes vary depending on the main character’s state, such as sensitive parts, virginity, and lewdness.
In addition, special H-scenes are prepared for the boss battles in each chapter.
Depending on the chapter, it is possible to act in a special state such as pregnancy or swelling after being raped.

・This work uses a skill acquisition system that uses skill points.
Skill points are obtained when completing each mission.
However, in this work, if you accumulate too much sexual experience, you will acquire special skills and become vulnerable to sexual attacks.
And monsters will attack you during the mission, and will set up various sexual acts during the battle.
Let’s clear the mission while surviving the attack of monsters.

・About 40 basic event CGs, more than 1000 including variations.
In addition, there are special standing pictures for when you are sexually attacked by an enemy or for special H events.

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