[RPG] Return To Li World [English-Uncen]

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Developer: PPGamei
Released: 4 Dec, 2022
Game Format: RPG
Genre: male protagonist, big ass, big tits, turn based combat, vaginal sex, anal sex, creampie, handjob, group sex, groping, monster, side scroller
File Size: 1.89 GB

About This Game
“Return to LI World” is a humorous PRG round combat game with funny elements. In the game, you need to look for your own suitable teammates with girl QiQI. Through severe hammer, you will gradually turn from small mercenary to top mercenary on the mainland, buy own house to make delicious cooking, forge iron, create powerful equipment, talk with girls and realize their dreams to for their favors. However, it’s not easy to get their favors, as you are not good enough with current state!So, improve your power to combat with monsters and become the strongest man in the LI world!

Game features
Four heroines – each heroine has her own special background story and unknown secret, just explore their inner secret, open their heart and their will be different endings for you to discover.

Turn-based combat
With simple operation, players can fully think about matching role and combine skills with teammates.Rich interpersonal relationships
Through interaction with npc, enhance emotional base for various benefits. Different conversations affect task course, earning and rare items.
process, income and rare items.

Exploration map with high degree of freedom
Once out of novice village, players can roam the entire game world. Treasure hunting? Collecting? Challenge guard BOSS of each map.

Rich storylines
As long as 20 hours of main plot, the plot of each heroine determines the endings and tasks.

Abundant equipment
Through combating with monsters and tasks, get 400+ equipment and suitable for those players enjoying equipment collection.

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Translation is MTL. U know how it goes. Quests get stuck even when u have all required items. One can infinitely use cooking recipes to amass(remuneration?) gold, since they are not getting used when u learn them. Alot of weird gacha. So far 5.3/10

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