[RPG] NTRPG 2 – Obedient Filia and the Unforgivers Ver.1.14 [English]

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NTRPG2 従順なフィリア 男達の性欲処理に逆らうことは許されない

Release: Aug/11/2014
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Depression, Dot/Pixel, Cuckoldry, Violation, Naughty, Coercion/Compulsion

* No CGs.
* No battles.
* All pixel animated sex scenes.

The new game where all you do is watch strangers treat your beloved girl like their personal f*ck object.

Time passes from Mondya to Sunday/morning, noon and, dusk and night with events based at certain times.
Find out who’s defiling your beloved girl by searching around the right place and time.

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