[2D Hentai] Anus Isn’t Genital!

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Release: Aug/11/2018
File Format: MP4
Genre: Cross-section View, Anime, Uniform, Anal, Urethra, Stretch/Expansion

It’s not masturbation when you don’t use the genital!! A serious girl in the school’s
public moral committee turns out to enjoy “anal masturbation” every night without
touching her genitals. She penetrates her own anus with a huge vibrator again and
again and she has become such a pervert who gets orgasms only by her anus!
Blackmailed by “that officer”, she gets bound while wearing a school uniform
and then her anus and urethra are relentlessly violated!

Through a course of disciplines of huge vibrator, enema, urethra plug, spanking anal sex,
and ball gag, her body is to be made into a flesh slave which gets pleasure by any types
of stimulation and ends up corrupting into the officer’s “JK anal faphole”.

Presented in smooth animations with 1280×720 high definition resolution and 30 frames.
An entirely erotic, “ready-for-use” video work in 38 minutes that comes with lots of X-ray views.

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