[Quiz] Cell Of Criminal ver.2.2 (win/mac) [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: SmomoGameX
Release: Jan/30/2018
Genre: Police, Stockings, Breast Sex, Violation

Fix for Mac version:

[spoiler]right click in the game app/icon > Show Package Contents
in the Finder window, open the folder “Contents”
open the “Info.plist” file
find the “CFBundleExecutable” key
change the string field below to “CellOfCriminal”
save the file and quit the text editor. The app will now point to the right executable.
in the Finder window, go to the “MacOS” folder
open the Terminal app
write “chmod +x ” (without the quotes. there a space after the x !!)
drag & drop the “CellOfCriminal” file, from the Finder window to the Terminal window
execute it
the icon on the “CellOfCriminal” file should change. That means the file is now executable.
all done.
go back to the game folder and execute the game[/spoiler]


Escape the cell, and in the last night of the life execute a PUNISHMENT to haughty police girl!
Try to break out the jail! Mini game is included in addition to the easy escape room game.

This work can be played in Chinese, English and Japanese.
Compatible OS: Windows & Mac

H Scenes:
4 x sex positions + ending, all fully animated!
Gallery mode will be unlocked upon game clear.

* NOTE: This game is NOT bugged. It is just difficult.
Please contact the creator of the game or search online
for instructions if you wish to know how to clear the puzzle.

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Mac .app file seems to be corrupted/incomplete and unable to open.


Might be the demo version. Can’t advance in the touching scene.


I like how there are no instructions whatsoever in this game. The obvious thing to do here would be moving the skeleton of the dead mouse so the mouse on the shelf moves, but nope. Can’t do that. I’ve searched every possible thing that can be searched in the room but there is literally no way to progress. And I especially like how they add “It is just difficult” on dlsite. No, it’s BADLY DESIGNED. They also tell people to look up guides on the internet, what kind of dev does that? If people need to look up guides to… Read more »


First. you need to click a few things to progress

the lock

the bed

the rat (and everything around it)

items under the bed

the lock

Second. now you can move things under the bed by dragging to the left or right. After you moved things around under the bed you find something, after you find it you need to go back to the shelf and click the bracket.

you probably don’t need more help for the rest of the game (hf) took me a while to find out xD

let’s have fun!


¿is this the Demo Version? im reading the guide and it sems so.


To advance on H minigame, you need to touch her while lowering her anger, if the pink bar stops rising then focus on lowering her anger bar then remove the handcuffs, and then proceed as usual.


I clicked every dialogue in the area i have yet to be able to “move” anything


how do i delete above message it finally let me move stuff now im just clicking on a lock on repeat and nothings happening hmm


do i just keep clicking on this “lock” until it breaks or am i clicking the wrong area? it hasn’t done anything but let me click on the lock with that metal paper clip over and over and haven’t seen anything pop up or change




Click: the lock the bed the rat (and everything around it) items under the bed   you’ll be able to move the papers under the left, the first one is the one in the right, click the cable   click on the shelf to detach the thing   go for the cable under the table again   on the lock you have to scroll your mouse wheel to put the space in the right spot and then click to stick it in, you have to do this 3 times, it’s kind of hard   slowly move the cell to the… Read more »

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