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Developer/Publisher: Eufonie
Translator: Flying Pantsu
Release: 10/05/2013 (Japanese) – 13/07/2016 (English)
Work Format: Visual Novel

[spoiler]Male Protagonist, Virgin, Romance, Student Protagonist, Magic/ESP Combat, Sword Combat, Rival Heroine, ADV, Multiple Endings, Side Images, Voice Replay, Branching Plot, Chosen Choices Marking, Few Choices, Protagonist With a Face, Music Recollection, Defloration, Sexual Content, Missionary, Doggy Style, Blowjob, Fingering, Cowgirl, Boobjob, Ejaculation Choice, Sex in Public Places, Japanese Game, Censored[/spoiler]
Patch Notes

[spoiler]1. You MUST set your system to Japanese locale on all operating system versions ( Windows 7+) or the text will fail to display properly. Using Locale Emulator or AppLocale will NOT work.
2. We recommend running the VN in Windowed mode at the default resolution.
3. We also recommend using the default “Text” and “Font” settings in-game.
4. We have had to split some lines that are voiced. This means that the voice may finish during the first part and the second part will be unvoiced.
5. There are a few dialog messages that we are unable to Translate due to them being hardcoded in the Application.
6. We have included a translated settings window in the form of an image. This can be found as Settings_EN.png.[/spoiler]


Click For Walkthrough

A long time ago, unknown beings known as Kotona invaded Earth in search of food. Humans were unable to repel them until after a few years, some people gained special abilities known as ‘douryoku’ which allowed them to exterminate the Kotona and return peace to the world.

Now, Seiichi attends the super-elite Kashinomori Gakuen which trains people with douryoku in preparation for another attack by the Kotona. However, even though he has great power, he doesn’t have the ability to manifest it, leading to him being labelled as ‘most useless one’. The rest of the students in his class all had great skill, but in particular one girl caught his attention. Akane had average powers even though she came from a distinguished family, so she trained hard daily to improve her skills. Watching her, he can’t but help to want to help her and that was when his ‘Amplifier’ ability awakened. It is an unidentified power which greatly boosts the abilities of people who believe in one another. As a result, he was greatly sought after not only in the school, but in the world.​

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is it fully english version?


Walkthrough link is dead.


torrent connecting infinitely