[ADV] Nightmare Finale [English]

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Circle: Tsuyoi Ko
Released: Mar/20/2022
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Female Protagonist, Dot/Pixel, Anime, Student, Horror, Rape, Big Breasts
File size: 614.83 MB

The Finale To Our First Series
The “Nightmare” is an urban legend involving otherwise healthy girls becoming trapped in eternal sleep.
The cause of the incident is a monster that feeds on despair and mental anguish.
There exists a shrine maiden named Rui that battles the monster, but it has become strong after consuming so much despair, and she currently has no power to match up against it.
Rui teams up with Sana, a girl whose nightmares could not be consumed, and searches for the “Fragments of Light”, sources of power for Rui that may help her save the doomed girls under the Nightmare’s assault…

81 base H scenes (large pixel art)
27 base H scenes (small pixel art)
All pixel art H scenes are animated!
Post-completion Reminiscence Mode included.

– The gameplay is focused on exploration and escape. There are no levels, and no combat.
– As the final work in the Nightmare series, all the past heroines have returned.
– The pixel artwork has improved significantly since the first release!

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Hmmmmm… love the series, but the puzzles can be confusing.

Stuck on the Clock Puzzle for the first heroine. I know the clock is on the first floor, far left room, and that the clock has rotated 90 degrees clockwise. If you read it correctly, it says the time is 6:15. I also know that 0615 isn’t the code for the Parrot room on the second floor, far left.

The parrot says “Pay no attention to the time”, but I don’t see how that applies here… anybody else have an idea on this?


Does anyone know what to do in the hospital?
I’ve been wandering around for a while, but I can’t find anything to do or pick up at all.
(2F – Warehouse) There is the box that says you need a special screwdriver.
(3F – 301) The gray space in the room with the rope, which says you need tools.


what do you do after you get the chair for the painting code then switch?

nvm got it

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I can’t find the box that needs a special screwdriver in the 2F warehouse.
Is there any event that I have to trigger before this box appears?


what do we do in the school? I have the shovel and half the paper from 1-4 but couldnt find the other half.

The pixel hunting for this game is awful and a terrible step down from the previous instalments