[RPG] The Evilslayer Maiden [English]

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Circle: hukidamari
Release: Nov/21/2017
Work Format: RPG
Genre: BreastsUniformSchoolNaughtyAnalAhegao/Gapeface

* 37 base CGs / Approx. 300 total CGs
* Approx. 10 hours of playtime (estimated)

* An Orthodox RPG comes with battles.
* Battles occur in symbol encounter style.
* The dungeons are randomly generated every time you get in.
* The higher “Lewd Level” is required to see particular H events.
“Lewd Level” increases in some events and by using some items.
* The title screen has “Gallery” where you can see all the unlocked event scenes.
* By using “Teni No Jutsu (Art of Teleportation)” in the menu screen,
you can move map-to-map smoothly without waste of time.
* You can engage in rematch with boss enemies with defeat H scenes.

[H Situations]
* Tentacle, Laying Eggs, Anal Oriented Plays, Pregnant Belly, Cumdump and so forth…
There are plenty of intense H scenes! Of the H scenes, the protagonist is most often
starred and some other characters follow in terms of the number of H scenes.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP: http://dlsite.jp/RPGTKool_eng/

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is there any tips to unlock cg gallery 37 and 49?


Great game, with good science pictures. Goodside: You got different character to choose from. With their own abilities. Quit lot of eastern egg/secret. The story isn’t horrible H-game story. Game play take around 10h if you aren’t intrested in completion. (worth the price) But if you go for completion it will take another 2-5h (griding lvl to beat some danksoul level monster) Not linear game. You have lot of option to do, instead of focusing on main quest. There are boss mechanics. Now some downside: The game is… 240quality. Alt+enter is the only way. It’s not a 100% translation. Often… Read more »


So, Kagura Games did their own translation called Otome the Exorcist.

It’s a much more thorough translation.

And I believe the H scenes are completely uncensored, too.

Any chance of a torrent link for that version?


is anyone know the passcode on hospital???