[RPG] Hot & Bothered Sister Celyn [English]

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Circle: Hourglass & Pencil
Release: Jul/27/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre:  Loli Prostitution Violation Hentai Naughty Big Breasts


Celyn runs a smalltown church in the name of her goddess, Celity.
However, Celity is a minor deity with no followers.

Nobody comes to Celyn’s church, and the poor nun is starving.
Perhaps it’s time to proselytize in a more effective way?
Celyn starts by hearing the confessions of her community and secretly solving their troubles.
For that, at nighttime, she uses her holy gifts but ditches her robes and cornette.

To do a lot of good, sometimes you gotta be a little bad…


Classic turn-based battles
A main quest with multiple endings
Armor breakage system
Outfit options (3 kinds)
H scenes in the name of faith…
Lewdness meter and consequences

* church management
* side business quest
* prostitution
* solving troubles to gain followers
* sublime sexy “consecrations” in the church
* over 10 types of subquests

Created with RPG TKool VX Ace.

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Really love this RPG,would like to see more works like this one.


Hi, I was wondering if you’ve updated this RPG, I have seen that in dlsite has a new update that fixes some bugs
Thanks for this RPG!!!